Monday, June 3, 2013

ST:TOS S01E00: The Cage

Director: Robert Butler

Writer: Gene Roddenberry

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again? Yes.

It's neat watching this first pilot that was rejected by the studio in 1965.  Nimoy hadn't become the Spock we know now...

I dug the little touches thrown into the make up effects like the breathing skulls of the Talosians.

I'm loving that fashion hadn't changed in a few hundred years...

How about those warp speed special effects?

You can't go wrong with green dancin' broads!

I really liked having Majel Barrett as second in command.  It's too bad the studio wouldn't have it.  She was terrific and it was so refreshing having a woman in that position.

Jeffrey Hunter did a fine job as Captain Pike but it was hard to shake the decades of having Shatner as Captain Kirk.  The story was really good, too.  Having Vina turn out to be a real woman was a nice touch and even more so with her fate.  Overall it's a pretty damn good episode.  It'd be interesting to have sat in on the discussions between Roddenberry and the studio as to all the reasons why they didn't want it.  I'm glad they didn't as what we got the next year kicked off a phenomenon. 

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